Kundalini Yoga & Coaching Retreat Prague 2018

Wednesday, 3rd - Sunday, 7th October 2018

Four days of Yoga and Coaching in the beautiful surroundings of Prague!

This retreat is suitable for everybody who speaks English or Czech.

Whether you are new to Kundalini Yoga or you have been practising for a while: you will experience the power of Yoga in combination with coaching. Which makes it even more powerful. Believe me. Promise.

Focus 1

The Basic Treatment – Building a strong foundation

Spine, Navel Point, Heart Centre, Mind - How to perfectly align your spirit and your spine

While in some Hatha Yoga classes, posture seems to be everything, sometimes in Kundalini Yoga it seems the opposite. It's all about compassion and intuition, how you exercise the asanas is secondary. Given the KY principle not to teach hands-on, it is more difficult to learn ourselves and to teach others how to perform the asanas correctly.

Interestingly, Kundalini Yoga definitely works – whether you pay attention to correct posture or not. Your energetic body builds up before your physical body. But if you also build up your physical body in a correct way, you can achieve so much more. Because if you exercise postures correctly you also work on your alignment.

On your inner alignment as well as the alignment of your spine. You work with the earth's gravity and electromagnetic field in order to be physically, mentally and spiritually at ease.


Learn how to:

  • prepare your body effectively for your sadhana and your perfect day
  • exercise your kriyas with great joy, grace and ease
  • how to get the most out of your daily practice
  • maintain your inner and outer alignment throughout the day

Focus 2

Building the foundation for your successful life

Mastermind and Supervision - How to overcome your own insecurities, develop group spirit and consciousness

According to Yogi Bhajan it is our birthright to feel secure, to feel worthy, to trust in our own true power and to lead the life that makes us truly happy. Nevertheless, most of us feel insecure and do not trust ourselves. Often the advice is to strengthen your heart chakra. But insecurity is mainly related to the navel chakra. No matter how open your heart, if your navel chakra is weak, you cannot fully love yourself, your life and others.

A strong third chakra makes you confident that simply being yourself is enough. It gives you unlimited energy, excellent health, strong will power, the ability to make commitments, and a solid inner balance.

From a strong third chakra you can build lasting relationships in your private and professional life. You can develop group spirit and use group consciousness to reach your goals.


Learn how to:

  • strengthen your third chakra in whatever time you have and wherever you are
  • strengthen your senses and invite even more positivity into your life
  • build relationships that lift you up and move you forward
  • use valuable feedback from your peers to develop your successful self

Focus 3

Nurture your inner child

Joy and Playfulness - How to fully embrace your life

Living the life of an adult often seems to be little more than chores, making money and carrying responsibility. Our tasks begin early in the morning and often only end when we tiredly sink into the pillow. Day after day, week after week... Many long for the weekend every Monday morning or they long for the next summer holiday – 11 months a year.

But your inner child still loves to play every day, no matter how old you are. It needs your acceptance, your attention, and your appreciation.

Fulfilling your inner child's needs will give your life a magic shift towards happiness, enjoying your every-day-life and loving your weekends and holidays even more.


Learn how to:

  • give yourself short and easy breaks your inner child will love
  • use your daily routines as an inspiration to find joy and relaxation
  • find beauty along the wayside
  • exercise your body to maximize your joy


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Šachov 13
517 21 Borohrádek


You know how to drive your car but you don't know how to drive your life.

Yogi Bhajan

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